Carr Residential’s real estate investment platform is sharply focused on single and multi-family residential development, construction and management. We invest in transactions and assets with special circumstances that do not meet the more rigid, less entrepreneurial investment criteria required by many of the larger investment shops. Therefore our efforts result in solid returns for our investors and strong economic assets for the communities we serve.

The Carr Residential business model is setup for investors who want to focus on the Central Texas market, but lack the operational capability or know-how to capitalize on emerging trends. Our team is highly experienced in sourcing, underwriting, and directly managing development opportunities. We pride ourselves on being quick to adapt to the current business climate and use data integration to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Approach Is Simple

Buy It

We acquire distressed or undervalued assets at a discount to market.

Build It

We unlock value by proactively redeveloping and addressing any physical or operating issues through aggressive asset management.

Sell It

Once our assets have completed the development life cycle, we sell our investments and return capital to our investors.


Quite simply, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12


The foundation of Carr Residential’s philosophy is to put the investor first. We know that without our investors, success would not be possible. During the investment process, we take several steps to insure our interests are aligned with that of our investors and that preservation of capital is primary.


We believe that investing in real estate can provide one of the best vehicles to achieve long-term financial success. Part of that key to success is being on the ground day in, day out. With our “boots on the ground” approach, the CARR team continually assesses the market’s movements and quickly adapts to mitigate risk.


Two words: more and better. CARRs goal is to provide more data and better information to our investors as projects move forward. We encourage our investors to visit our projects, check out the newest additions and provide feedback on how we can improve our communications.